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The Sunshine Coast Railway Modellers Society track opened on 22 November, 1980. The original track in the West area of the Park was extended across the Namba creek and down onto the Petrie Creek flats to the east. The Roy Stephens Loop was opened on 5 September 1999. In 2006-7 a large part of the older track was re-laid and further extended with the aid of various grants together with Club funds. This upgrade was officially opened by the Mayor of Maroochy Shire in October, 2007. A 40ft. shipping container was installed in January 2008 to house the Club Loco and additional rolling stock. In the first half of 2008 Sunshine Coast Railway Modellers Society commissioned 6 additional passenger cars increasing the capacity to 12 to cater for the rapidly growing popularity of the track. New track works were also completed to provide access for rolling stock to and from the new 40ft container.


The track has developed over the life of the Society and now occupies two basic levels. The higher section of track is in the top half of the adjacent plan while the lower area, represented by the section below the Namba Creek Bridge, is on the Petrie Creek flats some 3 metres below the Station floor level. The Bridge crosses about 2.5 metres above Namba Creek, a small tributary to Petrie creek. A line of large trees visually separates the two basic levels giving a real sense of a train journey. With the pedestrian over-bridge leading to the Toilet Block, patrons can look down on the tracks, wave to passengers, and enjoy the smoke and steam, particularly when locos are steaming up the long climb from the creek flats.There are many vantage points for viewing and photographing trains and passengers at both long and short range. Large areas of open grass offer plenty of scope for both family and group picnics.

New Members are welcome, particularly young people, and it is not necessary to own a locomotive as training will be given to use the Clubs own locomotive.

Running Days for 2018

Train rides are $3.00 donation or 4 rides for $10.00.

Children under 3 ride free with a fare paying adult.

All persons riding on the trains must have enclosed footwear.

Trains operate from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Bookings are not required.

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